The .swiss Top Level Domain creates added value for its holders, because it

unmistakably indicates the origin and the base of Swiss businesses and organisations.

underlines identification with the Swiss brand and its values.

gives the web presence of Swiss organisations the exclusivity they deserve.

raises the profile of Swiss brands far beyond the national frontiers.

«We are proud of our Swiss roots. They are an important part of our identity. .swiss will help us to emphasise this even more in the future.»

Erland Brügger, CEO Rivella

«.swiss pure innovation – Arosa successful thanks to old and new ideas.»

Pascal Jenny, Director Arosa Tourism

«LUMA represents consistent, exceptional quality. This is characteristic of many Swiss companies – and .swiss creates the identity behind this trait.»

Lucas Oechslin & Marco Tessaro, LUMA D.A.C.

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