Your .swiss internet address in five steps

  • 1.
    Verification of assignment conditions

    Check whether the domain name that you want is free, and if you meet the required conditions for registration.

    • You will find a detailed checklist for your personal verification here.
    • Determine whether the domain name that you want is free, here.
  • 2.
    Reserve your domain name

    Reserve the domain name that you want from the registrar or reseller of your choice.

    • You will find a list of accredited registrars and resellers here.
    • Current market prices for a .swiss domain name (non-generic) vary between approximately CHF 115.00 and CHF 170.00 per year.
  • 3.
    Prior verification by OFCOM

    The OFCOM verifies if your registration application meets the assignment conditions.

  • 4.
    Published for 20 days

    Applications that meet the conditions are published for a period of 20 days, during which competing applications can be submitted.

    • You will find a list of applications for domain names under scrutiny here.
    • The list is in principle updated every Tuesday (2 pm). However, there may be a delay during public holidays.
  • 5.

    Once the 20 day period has expired and if there is no competing request or comment, the domain name is assigned in principle within the following three days. Your registrar will be informed of the assignment of your chosen domain name or of the rejection of your request. The whois service enables you to determine whether or not the domain name has been assigned.

    If your application was rejected by the OFCOM during the verification stage, you can use a rejection code (e.g. “rejNoRelat”) to obtain information here, on the reason for rejection as well as advice for submitting a new request that meets the assignment conditions.


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