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With .swiss portals against the effects of the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed Switzerland in a state of emergency. The hitherto unknown “SARS-CoV-2” coronavirus affects us all, from hairdressers to nursery school teachers to workers in the tourism industry. Seldom have the heroes of everyday life been brought into focus as much as in the current situation. The entire population has faced historic challenges. (more…)

The shortlist for the anniversary prize at the Best of Swiss Web Award

This year’s Best of Swiss Web Award Night will take place on 22 October 2020 in the Samsung Hall. Once again the best websites in Switzerland will be awarded the Best of Swiss Web Award in the form of an exclusive buoy. This year, for the 20th anniversary, the special “Best of .swiss” prize will be awarded. A newly created buoy in federal red will be presented to the best internet presence of a website with the .swiss suffix. (more…)

The Internet extension .swiss becomes more visible – a common denominator for the benefit of the whole of Switzerland

Starting from the protection of the “Swiss trademark on the Internet”, OFCOM has developed a common denominator for the Swiss community with the Internet extension .swiss. Numerous companies and organisations now have an Internet presence with a .swiss address, and the trend grows upwards.
The advantage when searching: when the ending .swiss stands behind a name, the searchers can be sure that the applicant has been checked by the Confederation prior to allocation. For example, is or the official site? At the user can be sure that it is an official website.

When Swiss companies and organisations check the use of the .swiss extension just as naturally as those of .ch or .com before each new website or re-launch, then .swiss Internet extension will have made its place in digital Switzerland.

Read more about it: OFCOM Infomailing No.51 (in German, French or Italian)


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