The top Swiss startups for 2019 -

The top Swiss startups for 2019

On 4 September 2019, the Maag Event Halle welcomed a prestigious audience to the lively ninth edition of the Top100 Startup Awards. The awards recognise the most innovative and promising Swiss startups. was there as a partner and would like to congratulate the three winners:

  1. Flyability SA sends drones to places that are too dangerous for human access – to inspect damaged nuclear power plants, for instance.
  2. Lunaphore Technologies SA is setting new global standards for precision and efficiency in the detection of cancer cells.
  3. Ava AG calculates fertility levels with an ovulation tracking bracelet that records vital functions and provides a real-time, personalised insight into fertility, pregnancy and general health.

With medical company Cutiss in sixth, a startup with the internet domain .swiss was also among the top 10. Congratulations to them too!

You can find more information on the Top 100 Startup Awards 2019 at:


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