Swiss values can help companies stand out from the competition in the domestic market -

Swiss values can help companies stand out from the competition in the domestic market

We asked .swiss domain holders for their opinion – and received more than 1,000 responses. Our survey looked at decision-making authority in the digital realm, at how .swiss website addresses are used, and focused on the domestic market and exports. The key findings from the survey are presented below.


CEOs choose .swiss

Flying in the face of the commonly-held belief that the digital world is only for the younger generation, SME executives are continuing to drive digitisation. The situation is the same for .swiss internet addresses: four out of five addresses with these endings are held by SMEs, with the management team or the CEO having been responsible for making that decision in just under 80% of cases.


Who is responsible for deciding on whether to use .swiss at your company or organisation?

(1166 answers)


.swiss is front and centre

The results went on to show that the majority of domain holders that actively use their .swiss ending do so for their primary website. At present, it is not often used for additional landing pages, microsites, or product and campaign pages. The conclusion is clear: those who actively use .swiss do so consistently and with medium-term and long-term goals firmly in mind.


Users that use their .swiss address as their main address: what type of website is it?

(325 answers)


Domestic market is committed to Swiss values

The survey revealed a strong focus on the Swiss market, which was shown to be of relevance to virtually all respondents – and was the only thing that mattered to almost two thirds of those queried. What we can conclude from this is that Swiss values such as reliability, quality and innovation shouldn’t be underestimated when considering what customers look for – even in the domestic market.


Which market is important for your business?

(1166 answers)


Summary of outcomes

It is usually the senior management team or the CEO that decides on whether to adopt .swiss for their website. They prefer to use this domain name ending for their company’s main website. It is rare for it to be used for landing pages, microsites, product pages or campaign pages. The Swiss values embodied by the .swiss ending have a key influence on the domestic market, too.


Source: survey conducted among .swiss domain holders at the end of 2018


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