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.swiss lights up the sky

Appropriately, on 1 August the future internet extension .swiss lit up for the first time in Switzerland as part of the federal celebrations in Küsnacht. The .swiss lettering was formed by 900 Bengal flares over an area larger than an ice hockey pitch – a first for Switzerland. As unique as the pyrotechnic premiere on 1 August, .swiss is the address which stands for Swiss values and Swiss quality.

You can find more images at www.1.8.swiss

The internet address .swiss will be available in the future to organisations and brands with a distinct connection to Switzerland. .swiss will light up the online world on 7 September 2015. From this point in time, internet addresses with the new extension will be assigned. OFCOM, the Federal Office of Communications, is already providing information at www.dot.swiss about how registration will take place for the new Swiss domain names in the autumn.

The advantages are many: a .swiss address clearly indicates origin and social roots. .swiss stands for the distinguishing features of Switzerland, a world-renowned brand: quality, precision and reliability. The .swiss domain name extension represents a bridge between the real Switzerland with its innovative capacities and exemplary successes to the networked Switzerland in the virtual domain.


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