Swiss Contractors’ Association use .swiss domain name

The Swiss construction industry is one of the best developed in the world. The level of innovation is high, and quality and ‘swissness’ are trademarks of the industry.

The Swiss Contractors’ Association (SBV) is the professional, economic and employers’ umbrella organisation for the construction and construction-related industries in Switzerland, which together have a turnover of over CHF 20 billion and employ around 80,000 people. The SBV has sections in all of the cantons, thus representing the interests of more than 2,500 construction and construction-related companies. These industries generate around five percent of Switzerland’s GDP.
As the professional organisation for construction and construction-related industries, in partnership with the Confederation and the cantons the SBV is committed to training young people for the industry going forward. As one of the largest social partners in Switzerland, it promotes fair and economic working conditions in the construction sector.

The SBV is active throughout Switzerland, and has a modern website on which its information and resources are readily accessible. In order to reflect Swiss values such as quality, reliability and innovation, it has changed its internet address to

The organisation thus joins a list of Swiss quality companies and organisations with the .swiss domain name. You can find out more under the heading ‘Construction’ at Each allocation of the .swiss domain name is assessed by the Confederation. More information on this can be found at


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