Staying safe while surfing the web and on social media

The Websters are a perfectly normal family. And like any other family in today’s day and age, the internet and social media are a big part of their lives. The youngest members of the family – Seb, Julia and Max – in particular constantly find themselves in situations online that involve a certain degree of risk. The Websters comic demonstrates ways to protect yourself against these real-world dangers. Visually appealing and designed to appeal to a younger audience, it contains a great deal of usefull information, tips and tricks for adults and children alike. Another important Swiss government portal with a .swiss domain: essential and easy to read. is the face of a prevention campaign initiated by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) – one whose success has resonated far beyond the borders of Switzerland. It serves as a teaching aid, is available as a PDF, brochure and, naturally, for free online, and comes in all of the national languages of Switzerland as well as in English.

Using attractive comics, the Websters show readers how they can keep themselves safe on the internet and on social media. The Websters are continually confronted with typical security issues – including some that are not necessarily immediately apparent to the average person.

The illustrated stories are perfect for anyone who is just starting out using the internet.

And, of course, the Webster family can be found online on a website with a .swiss domain. After all, the top-level domain with Switzerland in its name takes security seriously: every domain name allocation is checked by the Swiss government.



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