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Private person

Currently, there is no offer for private persons in planning. Stay informed with the newsletter about any changes.


Companies and organizations

Who is entitled to submit an application?

  • companies registered in the Swiss commercial register
  • public authorities
  • all associations and foundations

What are the costs of a .swiss domain name?
Current market prices vary between approximately CHF 115.00 and CHF 170.00.

What kind of domain names are possible?

  • Swiss company names and trademark rights
  • Fantasy names related to the applicant (products, slogans etc.)
  • Geographical designations (conditions)
  • Generic names such as or Please consult the specific requirements in relation to a name allocation mandate.

Applications, which meet all the conditions, will be published every Tuesday for a period of 20 days. Competing applications may be submitted during this time.


Please submit applications for a domain or competing applications to following registrars:

Accredited registrars


to be announced soon

«In fiercely competitive markets, Swiss origins are a bonus. .swiss conveys this in a nutshell.»

Cornelio Valsangiacomo, Directur/CEO Caffè Chicco d'Oro

«.swiss pure innovation – Arosa successful thanks to old and new ideas.»

Pascal Jenny, Director Arosa Tourism

«Our beer, the castle, the Rheinfelden production site - .swiss will enhance all these values.»

Thomas Amstutz, CEO Feldschlösschen

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