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Staying safe while surfing the web and on social media

The Websters are a perfectly normal family. And like any other family in today’s day and age, the internet and social media are a big part of their lives. The youngest members of the family – Seb, Julia and Max – in particular constantly find themselves in situations online that involve a certain degree of risk. The Websters comic demonstrates ways to protect yourself against these real-world dangers. Visually appealing and designed to appeal to a younger audience, it contains a great deal of usefull information, tips and tricks for adults and children alike. Another important Swiss government portal with a .swiss domain: essential and easy to read. (more…)

‘Is there anything better than entering a competition and proving that you deserve to win?’

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the renowned Best of Swiss Web Awards, will present an award for the best website with a .swiss domain. The winner will receive an illustrious, newly made red buoy award as well as nationwide recognition. Submissions will be accepted starting on 20 November 2019. We talked to Dr Heinrich Meyer about why the award has partnered with and what website operators should know before they submit their entries. (more…)

Five tips for a digital change of address

When you move house, you usually let the post office and any important contacts know. It’s much the same when you move on the internet – you carry out a ‘digital change of address’. And it’s easier than you might think, even if you’re not a digital professional. Keep reading to learn how to change your digital address and the rules you need to bear in mind. (more…)

Grab the Red Buoy for best .swiss address!

For its 20th anniversary, ‘Best of Swiss Web’ will be issuing a special prize in 2020 focusing on the Swiss nature of web projects. Together with its cooperation partner, it will present a trophy in the form of a special buoy to the .swiss website that best embodies the Swiss values of quality, innovation and reliability. (more…)

The top Swiss startups for 2019

On 4 September 2019, the Maag Event Halle welcomed a prestigious audience to the lively ninth edition of the Top100 Startup Awards. The awards recognise the most innovative and promising Swiss startups. (more…)

Best of Swiss Web marks 20th anniversary with award for the best .swiss website on the internet

In 2020, Best of Swiss Web will celebrate its 20th anniversary. In honour of the milestone, the institution will be presenting a special award that shines the spotlight on the ‘Swissness’ of the web projects submitted. The award is being organised together with partner Designed as a stylised buoy, the trophy will be presented to the website with a .swiss domain ending that best epitomises the Swiss values of quality, innovation and reliability. (more…)


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