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.swiss internet addresses: generalised opening

The 11 January launch of the second phase of registration of .swiss internet addresses extends the range of possible domain names and potential candidates. It also opens up the possibility for umbrella organisations or sector representatives to submit a dossier in order to obtain a generic address, such as or, which will then be put at the disposal of the sector as a whole. The first phase has already enabled some 7000 .swiss internet addresses to be assigned.

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Launch of the new .swiss internet domain

Public or private businesses and organisations can now apply to acquire a .swiss internet address. During the initial phase launched on 7 September 2015, applications can relate only to trademarks registered in accordance with an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) process, names associated with public bodies and distinctive signs protected in Switzerland. At a press conference this morning, federal councillor Doris Leuthard, the head of DETEC, stressed the importance to the Swiss economy of the availability of this new “shop window” abroad.

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Launch of a new information portal for the .swiss internet domain

Relevant news and all important facts and background information are now conveniently available on a single portal: The new webpage offers interested parties a wealth of information about the new .swiss domain name. This includes deadlines, conditions for registering a domain name and the application procedure. A newsletter which keeps interested parties constantly informed of the next steps to take – for instance the start of the application procedure – is available and people can sign up for it on the webpage.

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